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MAC Cosmetics Outlet Australia MAC Cosmetics: The Snowball Holiday collection unveiled in its entirety!

MAC Cosmetics Wholesale Get ready to literally fall in love with this new and magical collection ...

If this is the time of the year that we prefer, it is also because of that. And by "that", we obviously hear the many collections of Cheap Mac Makeup and other cosmetics, specially designed for the occasion. Among them, we can not forget the ind¨¦tronable MAC Cosmetics and its collections "Holidays" which have the gift to give us chills. If some images had already leaked some time ago, we finally could discover the entirety of this new collection named "Snowball".

As usual, we hardly even count the products so there is. But this time, we must admit that the brand has surpassed itself in terms of packaging. Brilliant and magical boxes, small sequins kits, engraved products in the shape of a snowflake ... In short, it's like being in winter! The flagship products of the brand are of course at the rendezvous with several lipsticks, blushes, gloss, eyeshadow but also brushes and mascaras. But what immediately attracts our attention are the countless "kits" grouping some of MAC Cosmetics best-selling products and other novelties.

Perfect gift idea for our BFF, even for ourselves, we are literally enchanted by this new collection that has managed its bet by putting us full of glitter in the eyes.

Uh, wait: would not it be a little too early to talk about Christmas? Certainly but it is never too early to discover the future collections that will be the must-have of this time of the year. In general, our favorite brands are having fun and it is absolutely not displeasing to us. Among them, MAC Cosmetics that regale its users annually with products with magical packaging. And if last year, the collection "Holidays 2017" was none other than the glamorous collaboration and bling-bling with diva Mariah Carey, she was nevertheless no less enchanting.

Although no official statement was unveiled by the brand, it is the well-known Instagram account beautysta, trendmood1, which published the first images of this collection "Holidays 2018" and the least we can to say that it would not displease us to be already in winter! Published by foreign influencers on their own accounts IG - Preta E Loira and Ella Mirage - these first pictures are mouth watering.

We discover several iconic products whose designs are so recognizable but pimped in Christmas version: these first spoilers teach us that there will be highlighters, eyeshadow and lipsticks, with golden and floconesque design. In short, it is undoubtedly a collection that will sell like hotcakes ...

But before we put the cart before the horse and even if we now know that all the spoilers published on this Instagram account never disappoint us, better wait for the confirmation of the brand ... What we will not fail to let you know !